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The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts


Voted as the World’s Best Brand for the second consecutive year by Travel & Leisure USA World’s Best Award 2021, the Leela is an epitome of true Indian luxury !

For those who know or dream of India, what took my breath away was its unreal and mysterious beauty. The Group Leela Palaces Hotels, and Resorts symbolizes this…

Mister Nair, passionate owner of his hotels, has managed to anchor the hotels to the present whilst glorifying the past. Each, transcribing today’s future oriented India at the same time as magnifying the past.

It is difficult to describe in just a few words the magic that operates at each of these hotels… However, what is certain, is that in each one we find ourselves equally absorbed into a world of refined elegance, just rightly so.

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts combine the latest artistic and culinary trends, counting on a welcoming and efficient team. They are in the best locations and highlight the individualities of each and every region in which they are set.

If I had to define some…

Delhi being generally the first point of entry into India, the arrival at the LEELA sets the scene… Within the quarters of the Embassies and of luxury and chic couture, the LEELA is an abode for the golden Indian youth and the celebrities to cross paths and a guarantee of a personalised and most discreet service.

In Udaipur, the Venice of India, time is as still as the water. At the LEELA, every room and suite, every terrace and even the restaurant carry you into a daydream, and for me, the most outstanding view of Udaipur and Lake Palace is from its magnificent turquoise pool…

Kovalam, where the LEELA sits on a cliff plunging into the Oman Sea, overlooks a traditional fishermen’s beach and offers a breath-taking panorama. Furthermore, the SPA is dedicated to AYURVEDA and its ancestral practices for we are, in reality, in the heart of the KERALA.

Chennai also known as Madras, the exotic … welcomes the latest of the Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts which is enchanting by its splendour, revealed by the excellent Asian restaurant worth 3 Michelin stars, by the event areas devoted to the most glorious Indian weddings of the Tamil Nadu, as well as by the exceptional service. Here, we are truly at the heart of todays’ India…

Join us in discovering the others…



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